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Gentle Dentistry

“We Cater to Cowards” more than some marketing slogan or catchy phrase meant to put you at ease—it’s the truth.

After all, dentists go to the dentist too, and over the years we’ve inevitably had our share of less than pleasant experiences. That’s why we make sure each and every patient receives a pain-free cleaning backed by gentle dental procedures.

It can be easy for other dentists to hurry through a job since they’re not the one lying in the chair. When you visit Michael Rack DDS in Topeka, gentle dentistry and a pleasant experience is our promise to you.

We pride ourselves on cleanliness, professionalism and communication. We’ll address any of your concerns efficiently and effectively while explaining exactly what we’re going to do before we do it. After all, when you feel relaxed, dental work goes quickly and it’s comfortable—that’s why our experienced staff goes to great lengths to alleviate anxiety and respond to your needs.